The yard is a unit of length in many English-speaking countries (see Anglo-American system of measurement ), which is approved there in addition to the length units of the metric International System of Units and customary basis. It responds to 3 feet and a little more than 0.9 meters.

It is assumed that units of length were used as early as the prehistoric cultures of the Pottery and the Megalithic, which amounted to 3 feet. 1011 the yard of Henry I was determined as the distance from his nose to the tip of the thumb of his outstretched arm. Followed for the area of the British Empire more definitions of the yard, so 1558 to 1824 the " Queen Elizabeth Yard", the 1758 part of the " Imperial Standards" was declared, and the Birds standard measure of 1760th 1856 the USA received two copies of the British Standard yards, which was now defined as the distance between the centers of the middle bar on the gold stakes in a bronze bar at 62 degrees Fahrenheit, which is kept in the Board of Trade in Westminster. Since the end of the 19th century, the yard is derived from the meter: The English yard was set to 914.3993 mm, the American yard on 914.4019 mm. Since the year 1956, the yard is uniform all defined with a length of exactly 0.9144 meters. However, there are other definitions and for applications with lower accuracy rounded values ​​apply (see below).

In the United Kingdom, but not in the United States the yard (despite the introduction of the metric system ) to be the usual unit for medium distances. In Anglo-Saxon countries generally takes the yard today, especially not in geodesy use. In the field of space research, contrary to the specification using the Anglo-American system of measurement instead of the international system of units in a program is responsible for ensuring that the Mars Climate Orbiter as planned in late September 1999, into an orbit around Mars, but burned up in the atmosphere.

In athletics, in addition to the meter routes and yard tracks were by the end of the 1970s, common, eg 100 - yards run ( 91.44 m ) or 4x110 yards relay race. A major role of the yard also in American football, where the playing field in twelve, ten yards wide sections is divided. All running and pass statistics are given in yards.

The word actually means crop. A proper German translation would step usually Yard is retained.

Definition and conversion

  • Internationally yard (defined in 1956 ):
  • Survey yard (defined 1869)
  • Square measure: square yard
  • Unit of volume: cubic yard