Yarmouth (Nova Scotia)

Yarmouth is a town and major fishing and ferry port on the Gulf of Maine in the south of Nova Scotia, Canada, and the same administration seat of the administrative district of the same name.

Initially Port Forchu called Yarmouth was founded in 1759 and in 1890 entered as a city. During the 19th century Yarmouth was a major shipbuilding center. At times, more ships were built than any other port in the world. With the steamship, however, the city lost its importance. Today Yarmouth lives among others of the fish and lobster, the ferry port and tourism.


Have been offered since the late 19th century, as a passenger connections with steam ships to New York City and Boston, tourism is the main industry in Yarmouth. The ferry services were maintained until the Second World War. In the 1950s, the Canadian National Railways started a ferry service to Bar Harbor ( Maine), which was continued by CN Marine and Marine Atlantic until 1997.

1998, the implementation of the connection to Bar Harbor to Bay Ferries Limited has been transferred. The ferry was operated from 2002 with the high speed catamaran HSC Incat 059, known as "The Cat ". , 2009, the operator of the ferry known that the operation will not continue in 2010.

The American Fährfirma Prince of Fundy Cruises launched in the 1970s, also a ferry service between Portland (Maine) and Yarmouth, which Scotia Prince Cruises maintained until April 2005. Since the summer of 2006, the ferry service from Maine to Yarmouth only by Bay Ferries Limited is maintained.

Attractions are the lighthouse, the harbor and the Yarmouth County Museum, which offers a deep insight into the history of Nova Scotia. Otherwise Yarmouth is largely arrival and departure point for Southeast Canada travelers.


The area around Yarmouth is still Acadian region and therefore partly inhabited by French-speaking population.