Yaropolk I of Kiev

Jaropolk I. Svyatoslavich (Russian Ярополк Святославич; * around 952, † 980 ) was 972-980 prince of Kievan Rus.

He was the son of Sviatoslav I, from whom he took control of Kiev, when he embarked on his second campaign against Bulgaria. His brother Oleg was the only recently conquered land of Drevlianians and the brother Vladimir Novgorod. After the death of his father Svyatoslav in 972, there was fighting between Jaropolk and Oleg, in the course of which the latter was killed. Vladimir then fled to Scandinavia and Jaropolk thereby acquiring supremacy over the Rus.

However, three years after his flight Vladimir returned with Varangian warriors from Scandinavia and moved with his troops against Jaropolk ago. Jaropolk fled first from Kiev and was later, when he wanted to enter into negotiations with Vladimir, killed by the warriors.

During his reign paved Jaropolk probably due to contacts with the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II. After the controversial Joachim Chronicle Jaropolk might try to take that began under his grandmother Olga; was again driven back to Christianity again.


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  • Grand Duke ( Kiev)
  • Rurikide
  • Born in the 10th century
  • Died 980
  • Man