Yaselda River

Picture of Jásselda at the time of high water

Railway bridge over the river

Position of Jásselda ( Ясельда ) in the catchment area of the Dnieper

The Jasselda (White Russian Ясельда, Polish Jasiołda ) is a left tributary of the Pripyat. It flows through the historical landscape Polesia. The source is located in Rajon Pruzhany in Breszkaja Woblasz. It flows through the two lakes Motalskaje and Sporauskaje.

Its length is 250 km, its catchment area has an area of ​​7790 km ². In the upper reaches of the Jasselda flows through the Białowieża Forest. The surrounding area consists of wetlands. The area is snowy in winter.

The tributaries of the Jasselda are on the right side of the channel and the left side Winez the Schyhuljanka (White Russian Жыгулянка ), and the Ahinski channel.

The Valley of the average Jasselda has a width of 2 to 4 km at its widest point 8 km. The shore is surrounded on both sides with marshy wetlands, these wetlands have in the upper reaches a width of 800 meters up to 1.2 km, in the lower reaches of the wetland is 1.5 to 6 kilometers wide. In the upper reaches of the river is canalised, and 15 to 25 meters wide. In the lower reaches, he occupies a width of up to 60 meters, there is, however, not very deep. After the influx of Schyhuljanka the slope increases. The maximum water level reaches the river end of March. The Jasselda together with the Ahinski channel and the Shchara a water system. The river is mostly navigable, from the mouth to the Pinsk - Lohyshyn Bridge. On the shore there are several villages and archaeological sites with finds from the Neolithic, Bronze Age settlements and Iron Ages.