Yasni is a people search engine that operated on the Yasni GmbH. You aggregated search results from external sources and is thus a meta-search engine.

Formation and development

The Yasni GmbH was founded in 2007 by Steffen Rühl, Christian Rühl and Robert Ziesche. In the same year launched the online service. 2008 Mountain Business Angels got in under Conny as a group of investors, prompting Yasni expanded and developed other countries versions. In February 2008, Yasni achieved over a million unique visitors per month. In March 2009, according to comScore Yasni sites in Germany was measured in 2008 as a Web site with the largest growth rates for German users among the 100 most visited. In October 2010, the company reported 22 million visitors and 50 million page views per month. More than a million users are registered worldwide.

The website is available in 15 languages ​​and 21 country domains - the latest offering is yasni.pl and the Polish language (as of 2012).


In addition to the basic search, there is the opportunity to have it sent to Search Results newly found regularly in the form of an e -mail newsletter or to actively switch search ads.

Yasni allows registered users free profiles ( on Yasni " exposés " ) to create and thus unique to the search result found. Through advanced options, like adding your own links, texts or images, or creating a business card, Yasni allows delineation of namesakes. In this framework, Yasni provides users with each other and the common communication and networking opportunities of a social network.


According to the AGOF study shows yasni.de position 29 of the German internet sites. The IVW numbers be stated Yasni about 22 million visits a month (July 2011).


The meaning of a meta Yasni is evidenced by the quantity of the number of clicks. This click numbers must be assessed in several ways in their context:


Criticism of Yasni refers mainly to the search engines, which is considered as privacy concerns because (though publicly visible ) Search results are merged in a dossier -like overview (see also the section " Privacy Policy & Law" in the article " people search engine" ). Yasni is as involved in the process also involved some leading judgments about privacy on the Internet, such as on " No infringement of personal rights through image preview in people search engine".

Criticism, there are also on the search engine optimization, which ensures that Result Yasni displace "real" search results in Google. Moreover criticism is voiced in mind that Yasni can index the search results of search engines. This undermines the function of the robots.txt file and is a typical feature of " scraper sites" Furthermore, it is not -. usual search engines - the target page linked directly, but refers to an internal page that represents the page in a frame and provide you with advertising Yasni.