Ybbs an der Donau

Ybbs on the Danube (pronounced: [ ips ] ) is a town in the must -quarters of the Austrian state of Lower Austria with 5603 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).

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The community Ybbs lies at an altitude of 224 m above sea level. A. in the southern part of the district of Melk.

In the Ybbs Ybbs on the Danube flows as a right tributary of the Danube.

Community structure

The municipality comprises the following five villages (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Donaudorf (98 )
  • Göttsbach ( 529)
  • Sarling ( 488 )
  • Säusenstein (247 )
  • Ybbs on the Danube ( 4230 )

The municipality comprises the cadastral Donaudorf, Göttsbach, Sarling, Säusenstein and Ybbs.

Neighboring communities


Due to its location at the crossroads of important trade routes along the Danube and the well-developed salt trade, the town of Ybbs received a great economic importance in the Middle Ages. This was probably also the reason for the very early granting of town rights in 1317.




The council has 29 seats, mayor of the municipality is Anton Sirlinger, Office Manager Hermann Stix.

In the municipal elections of 2005, the SPÖ reached 19, the ÖVP 8, The Greens and the list Ybbs 1 each mandate. In the municipal elections of 2010, the list Ybbs no longer went to, the SPÖ lost three seats. The Austrian People's Party won a mandate, the list Ybbs - Freedom and Independent (FPÖ ) moved with a 3 in the council.

Coat of arms

Coat Description: In a silver shield, a red, crenellated city walls with an open gate and pulled up the portcullis, which is surmounted by two towers; between the towers floating, hanging on a green Lindenast, is the red-white- red striped shield.

Colors: Red -White-Red. Coat Ceremony: unknown; Leadership since the 14th century



In the northwest of Ybbs is the power plant Ybbs - Donau, the first built hydroelectric power plant on the Austrian Danube. The largest employer is the large sawmill Stora Enso Timber (formerly until August 2001 timber industry Schweighofer ) with about 350 employees. Furthermore, located in Ybbs also that of the City of Vienna ( Vienna Hospital Association ) guided therapy center Ybbs - Psychiatric hospital as a hospital for psychiatric disorders and Schaufler GmbH with about 120 employees.


Long Haul:

Ybbs is located 2 km north of the A1 motorway that leads to a west-east direction from Salzburg via Linz and St. Pölten to Vienna. The federal highways B1, B 25, B 3 and B 36 are in close proximity and in addition create connections in the distance.

Transport in the city

Between November 11, 1907, and the September 22, 1953 in Ybbs wrong with the tram Ybbser one of the shortest tram lines in the world. She had a track width of 760 mm was 2.94 miles long and connected the city with the railway station on the Western Railway.


Church lane

Old Rectory

Parish Church of St. Lorenz

Interior of the Parish Church

Passage under the church

Town hall

Ybbs in winter, Oetscher in the background

Culture and sights

  • Parish Church of St. Lorenz: the church with its remarkable power vault was completed around 1512. After the fire of 1716 it was provided with a Baroque interior. The organ has been wearing a visit by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1767, whose initials. The oldest city gate was integrated into the eastern end of the church.
  • Old Town: with exemplary renovated town houses from the Renaissance
  • City fortress: the city wall is preserved partially
  • Bicycle Museum: with exhibits dating back to the year 1883
  • Partially preserved Cistercian abbey pin Säusenstein in the cadastral Säusenstein.
  • Early medieval church of St. Vitus Sarling: near the cadastral same
  • Jewish cemetery in Ybbs: The " Cultusgemeinde Ybbs " bought on March 26, 1889 land on which in 1894 a cemetery wall and a ceremonial hall was built.


In Ybbs is the training center of safety executive ( BZS ) Lower Austria.


  • Nicholas of Ybbs (* between 1270 and 1280-1340 ) Bishop of Regensburg
  • Rudolf Geyling (1839-1904), Austrian painter
  • Wilhelm Wirtinger (1865-1945), Austrian mathematician
  • Alfred Klose ( b. 1928 ), Austrian politics and social scientists
  • Johann Reikerstorfer ( b. 1945 ), philosopher and Catholic theologian fundamentals
  • Othmar Karas (* 1957), Austrian politician (ÖVP ), since 1999 Member of the European Parliament
  • Gusenbauer (* 1960), politician ( SPÖ), until December 2008 January 2007 by Austrian Chancellor
  • Richard Schuberth (* 1968), writer