YCSU Young Democrats

Young Christian Social Union " Young Democrats " ( JCSU ) is an independent youth organization from Belarus, their ideology, the Christian Democratic values ​​are based. Since 2004 the organization has the status of permanent observer at the YEPP, the Youth of the European People's Party ( EPP). The JCSU is a partner organization in Belarus for the Young Union


The Young Christian Social Union was founded in 1997 and officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of Belarus. Before the 2004 parliamentary elections, the Supreme Court of Belarus decided to dissolve the JCSU. Reason for this was a request from the Justice Department because of formal errors. The true reason of the status deprivation is thought that the organization was one of the largest democratic youth movements registered in Belarus, and also the participation of the members of the JCSU " Young Democrats " to the initiative groups of the opposition candidates and the street demonstrations.

2002 JCSU decided to cooperate with the " United Civil Party of Belarus " and to act as its youth organization. Seven years long worked the JCSU " Young Democrats " with the United Civil Party of Belarus together. In the last Congress on 22 February 2009, the majority of the delegates came to the decision that the organization can also be independent of the party realize their activity. Some members JCSU " Young Democrats " rejected this decision and left the organization. They are still existing youth organization of the United Civil Party - Youth VBP remained.

At the congress in 2009, it was decided to support Alyaksandr Milinkevich as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. Then, an attempt was by the members JCSU " Young Democrats " again made ​​to regain the status of officially registered organization. To this end, the Ministry of Justice were asked all the necessary documents. From the Department of Justice but this was rejected and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus has not revised this decision.

Participation in the political life of Belarus

  • 2000 - The independent monitoring of the parliamentary election process under the aegis of the OSCE. JCSU " Young Democrats " has become like the majority of democratic organizations involved to actively participate in the organization of the boycott of non-democratic " parliamentary elections ".
  • 2001 - Before the presidential election was "Young Democrats " coalition organized under the title " Peramenau " by the members of JCSU, the " Young Front ", " Association of Belarusian Students ", " Association of Young Entrepreneurs ", " Maladaja Gramada ", "Youth VBP ", " Belarusian Association of young politicians " are joined. The members JCSU "Young Democrats " took part in the work of the ministry, from independent observation, the mobilization campaigns and initiatives to the groups of the Democratic candidates - active part Alexandr Yaroshuk and Vladimir Goncharik.
  • 2003 - Active participation in the elections to the municipal offices as candidates, volunteers and managers. Some members of the JCSU "Young Democrats " were deputies of the municipal offices in Mogilev, Rogachev and other cities.
  • 2006 - During the presidential election of 2006 JCSU " Young Democrats " Alexander Milinkevich has actively supported as a unit of the Belarusian opposition candidates. According to the official statement of the election results, the members took JCSU " Young Democrats " at the " Jean revolution " part; one of the members of the organization, Denis Denisov, was a leader and symbol of the tent town, which was a few days next to the Republic Palace on October Square in Minsk. Ten members of JCSU " Young Democrats " were arrested during the police dissolution of the tent town at night on March 24.
  • 2008 - At the parliamentary elections of 2008, three members of JCSU "Young Democrats " have been added to the uniform, consisting of 110 candidates, list of opposition: Alexander Schumkewitsch in Molodetschno, Anna Jegorova in Minsk, Arthur Zurbakow in Gomel. According to the official results, however, none of the opposition candidates of the catchment managed to parliament. There, the parties and non - party candidates of the President had received the courts. So Alexander Schumkewitsch had received 5566 votes or 10.39% of all votes of the city Molodetschno.

Since the founding of the organization, the large amount of the active participants of the JCSU " Young Democrats " has been hampered by the state for their position because of their activity and proactive intervention.

The organization's management

  • Alyaksandr Schumkewitsch (Chair)
  • Arthur Zurbakow ( Vice-Chair )
  • Alyaksandr Kuwschinow (International Secretary)

Their predecessors were:

  • Kirill Ignatik
  • Vladimir Chervonenko
  • Andrej Kazakevich


In the parliamentary elections of 2008, the chairman of the JCSU "Young Democrats " Alexander Schumkewitsch was the first, and for a long time the only candidate who had a website and used as a tool to communicate with the electorate.

On May 11, 2009 in Berlin, the meeting of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, which is attended by the members of JCSU "Young Democrats " took part. After the meeting with the representatives of JCSU "Young Democrats " Merkel and Sarkozy agreed, white -red-white bracelets with the inscription " For Freedom " to wear as proof of solidarity with the Belarusian opposition.