Yding Skovhøj

Yding Skovhøj with grave mounds from the Bronze Age

The Yding Skovhøj is officially the highest point in Denmark, south-west of Skanderborg and south of Mossø.

However, the height of 172.35 meters on the top of it reached only upon a grave mound from the Bronze Age. The natural height without this grave mound is 170.77 meters. Excluding the grave hill is the second highest natural elevation of Denmark under the Møllehøj, which is 170.86 feet nine inches higher.

The hill is located in the eponymous Yding forest in the southern area of ​​Horsens municipality, or to the local government reform of 2007 in the Gedved municipality. The highest point is the mean of three grave hills. Another grave hill east measures 171.73 m and 171.41 m west, both still higher than the Møllehøj, the highest natural point in Denmark.