Yelena Romanova

Yelena Nikolaevna Romanova (Russian: Елена Николаевна Романова, English transcription Yelena Romanova, born Jelena Mali China; . Born March 20, 1963 in Neschenskoje, Voronezh Oblast, † January 28, 2007 in Volgograd) was a Russian long-distance runner, who took until 1991 for the Soviet Union and 1992 for the Commonwealth of Independent States Olympic Champion was.

Career in the Soviet Union (until 1991 )

At the Junior European Championships 1981 Jelena Mali China second was in the 1500 meter race. At the European Indoor Championships in 1983, she won the 3000 - meter race in 9:04,52 min bronze. In the Universiade in the same year she won in 9:06,17 min silver.

After the birth of her son in 1984 Yelena Romanova returned in 1985 to the career back. At the European Indoor Championships 1986, she finished fourth over 3000 meters in 9:03,87 min.

From 1987 she regularly attended the World Championships in cross-country running part, her best individual finish was third place in 1990, with the Soviet team won 1987 and 1991 and bronze from 1988 to 1990 gold.

At the 1987 World Championships in Rome, she was over 3000 meters in 8:43,33 min Fifth. At the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, she took fourth place in 8:30,45 min, Olympic champion was Tetjana Samolenko - Dorowskych.

The 1990 European Championships in Split she saw as a favorite over the 3000 - meter course. In 8:43,68 min they defeated in the final sprint of the British woman Yvonne Murray. Two days later, she took part in the 10,000 -meter run and won in 31:46,83 min complete surprise gold, which they increased their personal best by almost 40 seconds. The Goodwill Games Romanova won the 5000 -meter run.

The following year, at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, she gave up on the 10,000 - meter course. About 3000 meters, she won silver in 8:36,06 minutes behind the defending champion Tetjana Samolenko - Dorowskych from Ukraine.

Career from 1992

At the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992 Yelena Romanova and Tetjana Samolenko - Dorowskych launched one last time in the same team, the United team the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The 3000 -meter run was held for the third and final time at the Olympic Games, from 1996, the 5000 -meter run should take his place. Yelena Romanova was in 8:46,04 minutes for once in a great race to beat their Dauerrivalin and won Olympic gold, Samolenko - Dorowskych was in 8:46,85 min Second.

From 1993, starting for Russia Yelena Romanova immediately became national champion in the 3000 meters. At the World Championships in Stuttgart in 1993 they finished second in 8:39,69 min sixth.

1994 Yelena Romanova was with the Russian marathon relay world champion and won at the Goodwill Games, both over 3000 meters and 5000 meters.

For the Games in 1996 in Atlanta Jelena Romanova was again sixth in 15:14,09 minutes in the Olympic debut of the 5000 -meter run for women.

At a height of 1.60 m her competition weight was 51 kg. After her retirement from competitive sport, she worked as a trainer. On January 28, 2007, she died unexpectedly at the age of 43 years, presumably from heart failure.