Yenagoa is the capital of the Nigerian state of Bayelsa, located in the delta of the Niger ( River ) in the south of Nigeria. One calculation according to the 2012, it has 32 ​​661 inhabitants.

The majority of the population of the city represent the Ijaw, an ethnic group of the Niger Delta. In addition to English, therefore, is Izon an important lingua franca. In Yenagoa, a multi-purpose stadium located with a capacity of 5,000 spectators, which houses a football club in the first division.

Yenagoa and its environs constitute one of the eight Local Government Areas ( LGA) of the state of Bayelsa with an area of ​​706.18 km ². In the previous 1991 census, the LGA had 70 399 inhabitants, which has a population density of 100 inhabitants per km ².

Nigeria has big plans for the city: a programmed growth of just under 30,000 residents to 650,000 residents who live and work in an area of ​​154 square kilometers are. The Master Plan (2006/2007) comes from the planning office Albert Speer & Partner, Frankfurt aM