Yesa is a municipality in the Autonomous Community of Navarre, 46 km south-east of the capital, Pamplona.

Local situation

The community is located at the foot of the mountain ridge Sierra de Leyre and reaches into parts of the municipal district heights of over 1,000 m above sea level. NN. The highest point is Mount Arangoiti with 1,375 m. Two kilometers from the town named after him Yesa dam is 450 million cubic meters of storage capacity. The villages Javier, Liédana and Sangüesa are nearby.


The municipal area is the Cistercian monastery of San Salvador de Leyre.

The ruins of a bridge over the River Aragon in the 12th century have on the struts on some Roman parts. The bridge is associated with a legendary battle in combination, are said to have fought the residents of the Roncal Valley during the Reconquista against the Moorish army.