Yetbarak was Negest Negus ( Emperor ) of Ethiopia and a member of Zagwe Dynasty. He was the son of Gebra Maskal Lalibela.

According to tradition, he was king after his father, King Lalibela, whose first choice Yetbaraks cousin Na'akueto La'ab dethroned. The Ethiopian historian Taddesse Tamrat considers this an official version of events and believes that in reality Na'akueto La'ab with Yetbarak fought for the throne and, despite initial success, finally Yetbarak attained the crown.

Furthermore, claims Taddesse Tamrat that Yetbarak appears in the official traditional hagiography as Za- Ilmaknun. This was the king of the Zagwe Dynasty, the Yekuno Amlak killed and succeeded to the throne. He notes that " Za- Ilmaknun " translated " The unknown, the hidden " means and holds that " esoteric term" for a useful method to deny any connection between the deaths from Yekuno Amlak King and Lasta.