Ygyatta River


Course of Ygyatta ( Ыгыатта ) in the catchment of Wiljui

The Ygyatta ( Yakut and Russian Ыгыатта, also Ygyta ) is a 601 km long left tributary of the Wiljui in Siberia (Russia, Asia).


The Ygyatta rises in well 440 meters in the eastern part of the funds belonging to the Siberian highlands Wiljuiplateaus. It flows through the plateau in predominantly southeasterly direction in a mostly narrow, rocky valley. In sections where the river breaks through Trapp formations located rapids have trained. In the lower reaches the Ygyatta reached the Mitteljakutische lowlands, there begins to meander more and flows in a westerly direction to its confluence with the Lena Creek Wiljui, about 50 km southwest of the town Njurba. The Ygyatta 's mouth close below 100 meters wide and three feet deep, and the flow velocity is 0.3 m / s

The Ygyatta flows through its entire length, the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia).


The catchment area of ​​11,200 km ² comprises Ygyatta. The most important tributary is the 134 km long Jertjukjan from the left.

The Ygyatta freezes between the first half of October and the second half of May. The average discharge is 30 m³ / s

Use and infrastructure

The Ygyatta is not navigable.

The -carrying area is sparsely populated. About 30 km away from the source is the administrative settlement Aichal imputed village Morkoka ( river of the same Morkoka ) in Ulus ( Rajon ) Mirny with 103 inhabitants ( 2001). By Morkoka the highway, the Lensk on the Lena leads over nearly 750 km by the Yakut diamonds assisted areas Mirny, Aichal and Udatschny connects. In the further carrying Ulussen ( Rajons ) Njurba and Suntar between which the Ygyatta for long stretches marks the border, there are close to the river to the lower reaches no towns. About 60 km upstream of the mouth is the only resort directly on the river, the village Miljake. As also named after the river village Ygyatta, little located below the mouth on the left bank of the Wiljui, it belongs to the Nasleg (municipality ) Tjubjai - Scharchanski with center in the village Arylach on the opposite, right bank of the Ygyatta, also a few kilometers below its estuary. Paved roads are available in this area to the left of the Wiljui not while Arylach Following the further east past leading the Wiljui has the following highway.