Yhprum's Law

Yhprums law (English Yhprum 's Law ) is the inverse of Murphy's Law ( Yhprum is a ananym of Murphy).

A simple version of Yhprums law is this: " Whatever can work, will work. "

After Richard Zeckhauser, professor of political economy at Harvard University, the law states, however: " systems that should not work, it sometimes do that."

In addition, leads to Zeckhauser Yhprums law in connection with the question of why an intense and seemingly selfless participation can be observed in the evaluation assignment, although this would, starting could be expected from conventional economic theories.

Resnick et al. (2004) see this law in the feedback system of eBay given, since this is successful is to enable collaboration although it only reduces the incentive to fraud, not excluding.

The Zacharias - law reads: All people is possible, one will like - and do.