Yi'an, Heilongjiang

A large village Yi'an (依 安镇) is the main town of the district Yi'an the prefecture-level city in Qiqihar of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

Administrative Divisions

At village level, the greater community Yi'an is composed of five residential communities and three villages. These are:

  • Residents Community Dongnanjie (东南 街 社区), the seat of the municipal government;
  • Residents Community Dongbeijie (东北 街 社区);
  • Residents Community Xibeijie (西北 街 社区);
  • Residents Community Xinanjie (西南 街 社区);
  • Residents Community Xinjie (新 街 社区);
  • Village Chuangye (创业 村);
  • Village Dongping (东 平 村);
  • Village hexyne (合心 村).

47.893125.3065Koordinaten: 47 ° 54 ' N, 125 ° 18'

  • Location in Heilongjiang
  • Large village (China)