Yi County, Hebei

Yi (Chinese易县, Pinyin Yi Xiàn ) is a district of the prefecture-level city of Baoding in Hebei province. It has an area of 2,538 square kilometers and has about 550,000 inhabitants ( 2004). Capital is the greater community Yizhou (易 州镇).

The site of the second capital of the State of Yan ( in the time of the Warring States ) ( Yan Xiadu ( Yizhi )燕 下 都(遗址) ), the Western Qing Tombs ( Imperial Tombs ) ( Qing Xiling清西陵), the Zijingguan pass the Great Wall ( Changcheng Wanli - Zijingguan万里长城-紫荆关), the Tao Te Ching stone pillar of the Daoist Longxing temple ( longxing guan Dao De Jing zhuang龙兴 观 道德 经幢), the Neolithic Beifudi - site ( Beifudi Yizhi北 福地 遗址) and the Jing Ke Pagoda ( Sheng yuan ta ta圣塔 院 塔) are on the list of monuments of the people's Republic of China.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circuit is composed of eight large communities and nineteen municipalities ( one of the Hui and Manchu ) together.