Yi In-seong

Yi In -seong ( born December 9, 1953 in Jinhae, Gyeongsangnam -do) is a South Korean writer.


Yi In - Seong was born in December 1953 in Jinhae. His family had fled during the Korean War in the South. The family was deeply influenced Christian and he grew up in a Puritan family environment. 1960, the year in which the April Revolution broke out, he entered the primary school. This was followed by visits to the renowned Gyunggi Middle School, the Gyunggi High School and Seoul National University, where he studied French literature. On the recommendation of a friend, he was back in high school, a member of the literary circle and began to take an interest in writing. With a novel he had written in the first high school class, he was awarded the Literature Prize of the school. From then on he focused his interest on the novel.

1973 in the first year of study at Seoul National University, he was to spend the summer with his novel, which won the Literature Prize of the University. The following year he received for his novel Only my, just my, just my the Literature Prize of the University newspaper. In the autumn of the same year he founded with fellow authors, the members' magazine linguistic research and joined a theater group. The concept for his novel In the strange time was during his time as a reservist.

In 1980 he made his debut with In the strange time in the spring issue, which was founded by Romanists quarterly magazine " Munhak Kwa JISUNG " (Literature and intellect ). In the same year he gave his second novel out the grave this time, and in February of the following year he received the master's degree with a thesis on Samuel Beckett. In 1982 he became professor of French literature at the Hankuk University of foreign languages ​​. During this time he founded with writers such as Lee Seong -bok and Young Kwari the magazine " Uri Sedae Munhak " ( literature of our time).

The military dictatorship that had seized state power after the bloody suppression of the democracy movement of Gwangju, forced many critical literary magazines such as " Changjak Kwa Bipyung " ( Creation and Criticism ) and " Munhak Kwa JISUNG " to make, in the Yi In -seong many published his works, as in 1983 his first novel band in the strange time. From 1984 to 1986, he groped his approach to the novels No choice, letter writing, about you, your Vehörung, my statement, And to him to understand questions to you, who are yourself on current events. In 1988 he published theories to the theater, a treatise on the French theater and in 1989 he gave the serial novel continuous deep breath out, for which he was awarded the literary prize of the newspaper " Hankuk Ilbo ". In the same year he was also at his alma mater, Seoul National University appointed, where he taught French literature and began his doctoral thesis on the development process and the importance of Molière's plays. In June 1990, died literary critic Kim Hyun. Yi In - Seong spent the most time with the collation of Kim Hyun Oeuvres and took for a while from the Roman letter spacing. Instead, he read a lot of poems. The experience of reading poetry reflected later down want to crazy in his most famous novel and can not be crazy.

After three years without releases he gave the 1991 novel Last love fantasy out. In 1992 he was literary theory writing comedies for the festival: A study of Molière, based on his master's thesis. In 1994 he published want to be crazy as a continuation novel and can not be crazy, where he had worked for two years. The novel was completed in France. After his return in 1995 he gave the work to the publisher " Muhak Kwa JISUNG Sa " out as a monograph. Since Crazy want to be and can not be crazy, he began ' to deal with the problem of' desire. In this context a reflection on the problem of ' desire ' appeared experiment a pure immorality and island on the river mouth. End of the 90s he also published a few novel theories. Representative of this are the language through the language for language: literature in the 21st century or resistance of the Pflanzlichkeit and novel or suicide. In 1999, Yi Seong - In his fourth novel band of island at the river mouth out.



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  • 한없이 낮은 숨결 ( endless deep breath) Seoul: Munhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1989
  • 마지막 연애 의 상상 (Last love fantasy ) Seoul: Sol 1992
  • 미쳐 버리고 싶은, 미쳐 지지 않는 (want to be crazy and can not be crazy) Seoul: Munhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1995
  • 강 어귀 에 섬 하나 (Island at the mouth ) Seoul: Munhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1999
  • 식물성 의 저항 (resistance of Pflanzlichkeit ) ( prose ) Seoul: Yollimwon 2000
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  • Seasons of exile Edition Peper grain, Thunum 2012 ISBN 9783929181869
  • Saisons d' exil, L' Harmattan, 2003
  • Interdit de folie Imago, 2010
  • Sept méandres pour une île Decrescenzo Éditeurs, 2013


  • 2013 - 07 Kim Yu- Jong Literature Prize
  • 1989 - Korean Ch'angjak Literature Prize