Yläne [ ylænɛ ] is a former municipality in southwestern Finland. In early 2009 it was incorporated into Pöytyä.

Yläne is in the countryside Varsinais -Suomi 55 km north of Turku. The municipality covered an area of 365.60 square kilometers (of which 22.66 square kilometers inland waters) .. The parish village of Yläne lies on the River Yläneenjoki few kilometers before its confluence with the Pyhäjärvi. For the former municipality of Yläne also includes the villages of Heinijoki, Huvitus, Keihäskoski, Kolinummi, Kurala, Kärrilä, Lietsala, Pramila, Tourula, Uusikartano, Vainionperä and Yläneenkartano. The population was 2,109 last. The community was monolingual Finnish speakers.

In Yläne already existed in the 14th century a chapel of the parish Pöytyä. Today's wooden church in the village was built in 1782. Another attraction of the village is the manor Vanhakartano, which was built around 1790, but even back in parts to the 17th century. Since 2002, in Yläne a " natural cabinet", an information center for nature and the environment.