Yngaren is a Swedish lake in the south of Södermanland. The lake is 15 kilometers west-north- west of Nykoping.

Yngaren is the fourth largest lake of the province and has an area of 47 km ². The lake is located 19 meters above sea level (m ö.h. ) on the Sörmland Lakes and drains into the Nyköpingsån. The tributary is the Åkforsån and the outflow of Skräddartorpsån. He is deep, has clean, nutrient-rich water and supplies, among other Nyköping and Oxelösund with drinking water.

Directly on the lake is the place Björkvik.


Built of iron steamship Munter was built by Count Erik Sparre Torpa at Ulricehamn verkstad for passenger transport on the Åsunden 1879 at Lidköpings Mekaniska in Lidköping. The boat was sold in 1910 to Åsundens Trafikförening and brought to Yngaren. There it was in use until 1943, but remained until 1955 at the lake. After use, the Båven it was since 2002 in Sparreholm and later renovated.

The ship is operated in a renovated condition with steam and used for tours and charter trips on the Yngaren. On May 28, 2011, Munter was taken by the Government President Bo Konberg in operation.