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Ynysforgan is a village near Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. The name comes from the Welsh Ynys ("Island ", also called " flow field", ie marshy meadow on a river ) and Forgan as a variation of the surname Morgan together so most likely " Morgans marsh meadow ." Previously flowed the River Taw through the village, he could therefore be addressed to the river. Other locations in the nearby area carry this suffix, as the neighboring village Ynystawe with the Ynystanglws farm and Ynysmeudwy at Pontardawe.


Ynysforgan is a historical place in Welsh history, even if he is rather little importance today. In the late Middle Ages ( 1330-1403 ) was the seat of Hopcyn Tomas ap Einion from that with the important collective work Llyfr Coch Hergest ( " The Red Book of Hergest " ) is closely related. 1403 this Hopcyn ap Tomas was called to Carmarthen for the last Prince of Wales Owain Glyndwr to interpret it from the old bard lore his fate.

Until the construction of the M4 Motorway in 1973 Ynysforgan was connected to the old Swansea tram system, the terminus was in the Llanllienwen Road. This road had far-reaching significance for the place where he was practically separated into two halves. Even the old building of the Sunday school fell victim to the construction, here is now the exit of the Motorway.

Ynysforgan also was the former main channel of Brecon to Swansea, which was navigable until 1950, then made up to 1960 sections and was covered. In parallel, the railway line of the West Wales Line through the Swansea Valley.