Yo-yo club

As a team lift clubs are referred to in the sport who commute frequently between different divisions, that is, they rise to a promotion to a higher league often again soon, and vice versa.

Especially popular this name is in football. In the German Bundesliga, among others, the clubs Arminia Bielefeld and 1.FC Nürnberg (depending on 14 or descents in total ) and MSV Duisburg and VfL Bochum (both of 12 ) referred to as lift teams between the 2nd Bundesliga. However, if the football in the GDR involved, as is the German club Hansa Rostock with the most ascents and descents 1 to 2 league ( 16 in total).

In England lift teams are referred to as yo-yo team. Is favored the frequent on and off individual clubs there by the high Einnahmendiskrepanz between the Premier League and lower leagues. Relegated from the Premier League also obtained in the second division nor payments for their previous year's membership in the top division. These additional revenues often allow them to move up to the next or the next season. There, however, they are missed by the seasons in the Premier League to the financial weakest teams, which has the speedy return destitution etc.