Yoji Akao

Yoji Akao (Japanese赤 尾 洋 二, Yoji Akao, * 1928) is a Japanese economist.


He specializes in strategic planning, is considered the developer of the Hoshin management and, in collaboration with Shigeru Mizuno, the Quality Function Deployment. Akao is the founder of the Quality Function Deployment Institute, a non- profit organization dedicated to improving the QFD.

Yoji researched least since 1995 at the Asahi University. His academic career began at the Tōkyō Daigaku Kōgyō ( Tokyo Institute of Technology), where he had earned his degree in 1948. From 1962 he taught at the University of Yamanashi, from 1981 at the Tamagawa University.


After Akao a prize is named, which is awarded every year since 1996.