Yokel Chords

  • Homer Simpson: Norbert Gastell (German )
  • Marge Simpson: Anke Engelke (German )
  • Bart Simpson: Sandra Schwittau (German )
  • Lisa Simpson: Sabine Bohlmann (German )

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Blessed are the stupid (English Yokel Chords ) is an episode of the American television series The Simpsons. It was produced as a 392 episode of the series, and first aired in the United States on March 4, 2007. The result in 2007 was awarded the Annie Award for Best Music in an animated television production.


Margin has overslept and Homer, meanwhile, took care of the kids and Grandpa. As Bart has therefore get no break bread, he considers himself a horror story to scare the other children and so to get to their food. His story is about a chef named "Dark Stanley ", is said to have worked in the school cafeteria. Because him the children he had killed her and teased cooked a soup out of their minds. During the lunch break Bart completed his String and so managed to get lunch the frightened children. These run in panic through the city and must be caught by janitor Willy again.

After the completeness of the students was checked, it turned out that Willy seven children has captured too much. It is the offspring of the hillbilly Cletus Spuckler, which previously received home schooling. Since they doing but learned nothing, but would press inclusion in the school's grade point average below the limit for federal funding, Lisa should take over the teaching of the Spuckler children. Since Lisa with classical teaching methods initially unsuccessful, she decides to teach her ​​students on an outing life in the city.

Bart, meanwhile, is because of his prank to a psychiatrist, which he refuses at first, of course. The psychiatrist Dr. Swanson succeeds but with a few tricks Barts to gain attention and his confidence and therapy suggests. However, since only five sessions were paid by the school, the treatment must be stopped, what Bart hard hits.

In Lisa's trip she sings with her ​​charges a song. Krusty the Clown scents a business and takes the Spuckler children under contract. Cletus signs, to have understood without the content. The children occur in the Krusty show and are there presented as a hillbilly. Lisa does not want to accept that the children are being exploited by Krusty and Cletus and again kept away from school.

Margin financed with her ​​savings a further meeting with Dr. Swanson because she has noticed how much the discontinuation beard has taken. After this meeting, Bart feels healed, now it's Dr. Swanson, who suffers from sudden end of therapy. She even takes the help of a colleague to complete, is being alluded to the fact that their child was one of "Dark Stanley's " victims, and Bart's tall tale is obviously true.

Lisa manages to bring Cletus ' wife Brandine from Iraq, where she was stationed as a soldier. It provides Cletus to task and terminated the agency contract between Krusty and her family. The contract was invalid because Cletus was only the father of two untalented children anyway.