Yokkaichi, Mie

Yokkaichi (Japanese四日 市 市, -shi, literally: "Market on the 4th day ") is an industrial and port city in Mie Prefecture on the main Japanese island of Honshu. It is located 50 km south of Nagoya.


Yokkaichi was formerly an important market. The city's name comes from the fact that here during the Azuchi - Momoyama period of the " fourth day " (4th, 14th and 24th ) of the month, the market took place.


In addition to mechanical engineering in petroleum refineries, chemical industry ( petrochemicals, cement) -, textiles, porcelain manufactories. Due to the rapid industrialization led to severe environmental damage and pollution, resulting in the population of the so-called Yokkaichi asthma. In recent years, measures have been taken to reduce air pollution: The city was planted, and industrial pollution with its avenues and parks nothing to feel in the city center.


Yokkaichi has no significant sights to a few traditional temples and therefore is rarely visited by tourists. Important is the harbor with a large container terminal, the man - can be visited from the top - from the new port from Tower. In 2005 the harbor pavilions and a modern indoor stadium were built in connection with the Expo. The nearby mountain ranges and the sea are popular destinations for summer visitors. Famous are the teas from the surrounding area.


Yokkaichi was during the Edo period, a post office (宿 场 町, Shukuba -machi ) of the Tōkaidō.


  • Street: National Highway 1, towards Tokyo or Kyoto
  • Tōkaidō
  • JR Kansai Main Line
  • Kintetsu Nagoya Line
  • Yunoyama Kintetsu Line
  • Utsube Kintetsu Line
  • Kintetsu Hachioji - line


  • United States Long Beach, USA, since 1963

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Naoki Hattori (born 1966 ), race car driver
  • Goseki Kojima (1928-2000), mangaka
  • Niwa Fumio (1904-2005), writer
  • Katsuya Okada ( b. 1953 ), politician
  • Tamura Taijiro (1911-1983), writer
  • Katsuaki Watanabe (* 1924), President of Toyota Motor Corporation

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