Yola (Nigeria)

Yola is the capital and administrative center of Adamawa State, Nigeria. The city is situated on the upper reaches of the River Benue, which here in the 19th century had its main port. Yola was founded in 1841 and was until the occupation by the British in 1901, the capital of the Fulani, the population of the city in 2004 was approximately 88,500. 2007 figures speak of a population of over 100,000. The daily temperatures are in the dry season, usually at about 40 ° C.

Yola has now become a dual city: It consists of the Old Town, where the traditional Government has its seat ( Lamido on Fulani ), and the new city Jimeta (about 5 km north-west ), which is today the administrative and economical center and with more than 140,000 inhabitants, almost twice as large as the old Yola. Both parts have long since grown into one another, and the mention of the name Yola means in principle both parts. North of the city is home to the Mandara Mountains, south of the Shebshi Mountains with its highest point Dimlang ( according to his former German explorer Eduard 1854 Bird called peak ) at 2042 m. Yola is considered the starting point for excursions in the Gashaka - Gumpti National Park and the Mambilla Plateau.


Yola was founded around 1841 by Modibo Adama, a regional leader of the Fulani. During the Islamic Jihad struggle that was fought here from Shehu Usman Dan Fodio in the 19th Century, Modibbo Adama was considered to be a born leader in the region of the Benue - upper reaches.

Probably Heinrich Barth (1821-1865) in 1849, the first European who reached the city on one of his expeditions shortly after its founding.

On September 2, 1901 Yola was occupied by the British West African Frontier Force and the seat of a British Resident. In place of the exiled Amir Djubayru b. Aadama put the Britons whose brother Bobb Ahmadu b. Aadama as a ruler in Yola.


Yola Jimeta has a market, both a mosque and a Catholic cathedral, an extensive public transport network of buses and taxi buses, one west of the town center airport and a zoo. With its good infrastructure can be reached as to the north Mubi and Maiduguri, in the west Numan, Gombe and Bauchi, Makurdi and Katsina in the south. An expressway linking the city to the airport, which is, however, not be served daily. There is a state Polytechnic University and the Federal University of Technology Yola ( Futy ), which are about 10 km away on the road to Mubi. In addition, there are other schools, sometimes with a very good reputation, such as the established system according to the American private American University of Nigeria ( AUN ).