Yona Friedman

Yona Friedman ( born June 5, 1923 in Budapest ) is a French architect and visionary.


Friedman's work includes urban planning models, theoretical texts, film, animation film. Major exhibitions include several art biennials (including Shanghai, Venice) and the Documenta 11 in 2002 in Kassel, where drawings and models were on display.

In 1958 he published the manifesto " L'Architecture Mobile ", which is to be considered at the same time as the founding document of the " Groupe d' étude d'architecture mobile ( GEAM ) ", and developed city space concepts such as " La Ville Spatiale ". The ideas of these manifestos were visionary and ahead of his time; the mega-structures of existing towns where the inhabitants of the future should design their living environment flexibly employed generations of architects and urban planners. Together with Ionel Schein, Walter Jonas and others, he founded in 1965 the " Groupe International d'Architecture Prospective ( GIAP ) ".



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