Yonghe County

The circle Yonghe (永和 县, Yǒnghé Xiàn ) is a district of the prefecture-level city of Linfen in Shanxi Province, China. It has an area of 1212 km ² and has a population of 60,000 ( 2004). Its main town is the large village Zhihe (芝 河镇).

Community structure

At the community level, the circuit is composed of two large municipalities and five municipalities. These are:

  • Greater community Zhihe芝 河镇
  • Greater community Sangbi桑 壁 镇
  • Community Gedi阁 底 乡
  • Community Nanzhuang南 庄乡
  • Community Dashiyao打 石 腰 乡
  • Community Potou坡头 乡
  • Community Jiaokou交口 乡