Yonne (river)

Yonne in Auxerre

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The Yonne ( ancient name Icaunus ) is a river in France, which runs in Burgundy and Ile- de -France. Your source is located in Morvan Natural Regional Park, in the municipality of Glux -en- Glenne. The Yonne generally flows in a northwesterly direction through the Paris Basin and flows after 292 km in Montereau -Fault -Yonne as a left tributary of the Seine. On their way they passed through the department Nièvre, the Yonne and Seine- et- Marne. She is also named for the eponymous Yonne department.

In Gallic times the Yonne bore the name of the river goddess Icauna.

Places on the river

  • Château- Chinon
  • Clamecy
  • Auxerre
  • Appoigny
  • Migennes
  • Joigny
  • Villeneuve -sur -Yonne
  • Sens
  • Montereau- Fault-Yonne


Left tributaries:

  • Beuvron
  • Tholon
  • Vrin

Rights tributaries:

  • Oussière
  • Anguison
  • Auxois
  • Armance
  • Cure
  • Serein
  • Armançon
  • Vanne
  • Oreuse


From its confluence with the Seine to Auxerre (108 km), the river is navigable. Yonne and Seine are heavily used in this field of cargo ships. Other connections arising from shipping channels

The Yonne accompanied in their upper reaches, in the section between Corbigny and Auxerre, the Canal du Nivernais and is also used for the water supply of the channel.