Yosan Line

The Yosan Line (Japanese予 讃 线, Yosan - sen) is a railway line on the island of Shikoku in Japan. It is a part of the line network of Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku ), and runs along the northern side of the island, and thus along the Seto Inland Sea. It connects the cities Takamatsu ( Kagawa prefecture administrative city of ) and Matsuyama ( Ehime prefecture administrative city of ), and then performs further to Uwajima. It is built partly double track, electrified with 1500 volts DC.

The first section was taken in 1889 in operation. The line Yosan was called mainline Before 1988. It got its present name at the privatization of the Japanese National Railways. In one section it is also called Seto Ōhashi line, but this line also leads to other roads.

The freight company JR Freight is running on the 203.0 km long stretch between Takamatsu and Iyo Yokota in Masaki.

Route data

  • Length: Takamatsu - Uwajima 297.6 kilometers
  • Mukaibara - Uchiko 23.5 km
  • Niiya - Iyo Ōzu 5.9 km
  • Passengers: 94 ( stations and stops also request stops )
  • Freight: 1 ( Takamatsu Freight Terminal)
  • Takamatsu - Tadotsu
  • Takamatsu - Iyoshi ( with 1500 volts DC )
  • Takamatsu - Matsuyama: 130 km / h
  • Matsuyama - Uchiko, Iyo Iwaki - Unomachi: 120 km / h
  • Others: 110 km / h