Yovisto is a video portal that specializes in the provision, finding and organizing academic video and lecture recordings. So a sort of " YouTube for scientists ".

Yovisto offers its users the ability to not only manage video data ( and, for example, as a video podcast to publish ), but also to work interactively with the video data.

With Yovisto videos can be discussed, tagged and searched content. In particular, the possibility of content-based search in the video data at longer video recordings (such as lecture recordings ) and in particular taking into account their growing number indispensable. This content-based search function differs Yovisto of other video portals. Bookmarks can be set and stored in any position in the video data.

Keywords (tags ) can be visualized by "social tagging" from both the video owners as well as from all other users at any position within a video and stapled for other users. Using a personalized search function marked points are again found in the video data in a few clicks.

Lecturers can use the " Social Tagging " to particularly point out to the students on important aspects within the lecture recording (eg audit related sections for further explanations, references, etc. ), or to highlight particularly worthy of discussion sections in the video data. Also discussions can be started and continued at Yovisto at any point within a video. The discussion and the respective comments are directly to a specific - linked site video recording and thus always be called up again - chosen by the users.


Yovisto emerged from the BMWi-funded / ESF foundation project " OSOTIS - Search in Multimedia Data" at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. Currently the project of the Semantic Web research group at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam will continue with the goal of establishing Yovisto as semantic video search engine.

Yovistos technology of content-based search project has been included among others in the developed at ETH Zurich Replay and in the Opencast Matterhorn.

Yovisto was nominated for the World Summit Award Germany 2009 making it one of the "best German e- content and e -Service " in the field of e -Learning & Education.