Ypäjä [ Ypäjä ] is a municipality in the Finnish region of Häme with 2508 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It is located in the west of the landscape Kanta -Häme on the banks of Loimijoki River between the cities of Forssa (23 km east) and Loimaa (15 miles west).

The area of Ypäjä is inhabited since the 12th century. The real development of the town did not begin until the late 19th century, after the railway line from Turku was completed after Toijala in 1876. The train station of Ypäjä was opened in 1888 and since 1984 stopped there but no more moves. The Church of Ypäjä dates from 1901 and stands in place of a wooden previous building from the year 1799. Ypäjä The community center is the parish village of Ypäjä named Perttula. In addition to the municipality includes the villages Levä, Ypäjänkylä, Kuusjoki Manninen Palikkala and Varsanoja.

Horse breeding has in Ypäjä tradition here since 1931, the horses of the Finnish army depot was located. Today Ypäjä referred to himself as a " horse community ".

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