Ysbaddaden Bencawr [ ɘsba'ðaden ' benkaur ], also Ysbaddaden is pengawyr in Welsh mythology, a " top giant" or "Power Giant" ( bencawr, pengawyr ). It has a castle with nine goals and is the father of Olwen, the brother of the giant shepherd Custenhin and the uncle of Goreu.

The Welsh Sage times y Kavas Kulhwch Olwen ("How Kulhwch Olwen won has " ), called short Kulhwch ac Olwen ( " Kulhwch and Olwen " ), is in the manuscript collection Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch ( "The White Book of Rhydderch " ) recorded. The Pedeir Keinc y Mabinogi ( "four branches of the Mabinogi ) " contained therein.


The young hero Kulhwch demands of King Arthur as not rejectable request that this may give him the hand of Olwen. With the help of five companions will Kulhwch after a long search, the castle of giants. Ysbaddaden has eyelids that are so heavy that they have to lift a servant with a fork if he wants to look at someone (compare Balor ). Three times the companions try to talk to him three times Ysbaddaden throws a poisoned stone peer at them, the Bedwyr fab Bedrawg, Menw and Kulhwch catch and throw back, Kulhwch pierced keeping an eye of the giant.

It was only the fourth time he gives him his conditions known. Why the giant tries to kill every suitor, learns Kulhwch of Olwen, which he reported that her father will die due to a cynnedyf ( obligation taboo ) on the day of their wedding.

Ysbadadden now demands the fulfillment of forty -impossible tasks, the most difficult of this are that Kulhwch must ' win the tusks of the boar Ysgithyrwyn, white tusks, and the " treasures " that carries the boar Twrch Trwyth between his ears, a comb and scissors. The last task is still to get the blood of the "Black Witch ", where Gwythyr plays an important role. With the help of Arthur, the solution of the tasks and Ysbaddaden manages his daughter's wedding have to agree, although he Kulhwch rightly accused, he had not fulfilled the tasks, but Arthur and his companions. With the Eberkamm and the scissors is the giant " combed and shaved ", Kulhwchs companions shave him hair and beard together with the skin, ears cut off him and finally he his nephew Goreu chops off his head.

So the prophecy comes true and Ysbaddaden dies at Olwens wedding.