Location of the Yser

The Yser in Roesbrugge

The Yser (French ) or Yser ( Dutch) is a 78 km long coastal river on the border between the French and Belgian Flanders. It rises on the territory of the French community in Buysscheure Nord, dehydrated generally in a northeasterly direction and flows near Nieuwpoort ( province of West Flanders) in the North Sea.

Places on the river

  • Broxeele
  • Bollezeele
  • Zegerscappel
  • Esquelbecq
  • Wylder
  • Bambecque
  • Roesbrugge - Haringe
  • Elzendamme
  • Diksmuide
  • Schoorbakke
  • Nieuwpoort


During the First World War, here the Flanders battles took place.