Øystein Baadsvik

Øystein Baadsvik (* 1966 in Trondheim, Norway ) is one of the few professional Tubasolisten the world.

Baadsvik began with ten years as a euphonium player in a local band. Since that time he could not enthusiastic about music, he heard after three years again. At the age of 15 he began the Tubaspielen in another orchestra, and at age 16 he joined a brass band. After one and a half years, he was admitted as a member of the "Norwegian National Youth Wind Orchestra". At the age of 18, he won first prize at the National Soloist Competition in Norway. At age 20 he began his musical studies at Michael Lind at the Royal College of Music Stockholm in Stockholm. After a year in Stockholm, he took the place of the Solotubisten at Norrköping Symphony Orchestra (Sweden) for two years. Øystein Baadsvik studied with Michael Lind, Roger Bobo, John Fletcher, Arnold Jacobs and Harvey Phillips.

His international career began as a winner of the prestigious Concours International d' Execution Musicale ( CIEM ) in 1991 in Geneva.

Shortly after the release of his first solo CD with works by Hindemith, Madsen and other composers, they reaped in international music magazines worldwide excellent reviews. The "American Record Guide " titled Baadsvik with this spectacular solo CD as one of the world's best Tubasolisten.

In 1997 Baadsvik stopped with the Tubaspielen and spent more time with his family on. In addition, he trained for computer technician on.

In 1999 he received from the Norwegian State a two-year scholarship, so he could continue his work in his mind. Since then, Øystein Baadsvik is a sought-after soloist and teachers around the world. As a soloist he plays repertoire for tuba and orchestra or working with jazz, rock and pop musicians. No matter what genre he works, he always applies the communication between him and his audience as the most important obligation.

He is constantly working on to reach new musical aspects of Tubaspielens. Consequently, new modern techniques, which he incorporates in his works arose. Among other things, his "lip beat", with which he can create percussive drum sounds in the deep layers. At a concert in the U.S., he played with a coin in the mouth piece [Note: some Norwegian coins have an approximately 2 mm hole in the center ]. Or, for example, in his solo work " Fnugg ," in which he uses techniques of the didgeridoo.

To date, Øystein Baadsvik has premiered over 30 solo works by composers from the U.S., Russia, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. He also has his own orchestral works composed and conducted.

His most recent solo CD " Tuba Carnival " was released in September 2003 in over 40 countries. Thanks to the success of the first edition of 1,500 copies sold in just six days, Baadsvik received an exclusive contract with the BIS label.

Mainly plays Baadsvik on a Miraphone Eb tuba.

Øystein Baadsvik is married and father of three children.