The Ytre - Hvaler National Park (Norwegian: Ytre Hvaler nasjonalpark ) is a Marine National Park off the southern coast of Norway. The park was opened in 2009 to deal with their different ecosystems, both on land and in water, the various animals and plants, and the coral reef off the coast to get the large, relatively undisturbed coastal landscape and protect. It replaces the four bird sanctuaries Akerøya, Hela, Moren and Sondre Søster and includes a protected area of 354 km ², of which about 340 km ² lie on the sea.

Geography, Geology and fauna

The National Park is located in the Fylke Østfold in the field of local Fredrikstad and Hvaler. The park extends west of the Hvalerinseln Kirkeøy to Vesterøy of the islands Struten and Søster in the north to the Swedish border in the south. There, the Swedish National Park Kosterhavet connects. About 14 square kilometers of land on the islands is part of the National Park.

The area has special maritime properties, including the mouth of the river Glomma and various undersea soil forms. Near the island Tisler was discovered in 2002, a 1.2 km long coral reef. It is the largest location within the archipelago known reef. More coral reefs are located throughout the National Park.