Yu County, Hebei

Circle Yu (Chinese蔚县, Pinyin Yù Xiàn ) is a circle of Zhangjiakou prefecture-level city in the Chinese province of Hebei. It has an area of 3216 km ² and has 460,000 inhabitants. Its main town is the large village Yuzhou (蔚 州镇).

The Museum of the circle Yu (Yu xian Bowuguan蔚县 博物馆) is located in Yuzhou in the street Pailou xijie.

Monuments of the People's Republic of China

On the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China are the Yuhuang Pavilion of Yuzhou ( Yuzhou Yuhuang ge蔚州 玉皇阁), the Daiwangcheng - site ( Daiwangcheng Yizhi代 王 城 遗址) from the Spring and Autumn Period to Han Dynasty, the pagoda the Nan'an Temple ( Nan'an si ta南安 寺塔), the Shijia Temple ( Shijia si释迦 寺), the Xigu castle ( Xigu bao西 古堡), the Huayan Temple of Nuanquan ( Nuanquan Huayan si暖 泉 华严寺), the Zhenwu Temple ( Zhenwu miao真武庙), the price regulation granary ( Changpingcang常 平仓) and the Linyan Temple of Yuzhou ( Yuzhou Lingyan si蔚州 灵岩寺).