Yu Hua (author)

Yu Hua (Chinese余华/余华, Pinyin Hua Yu, born April 3, 1960 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province) is a Chinese author.

His father was a doctor and so Hua grew up in the environment of a hospital. Yu Hua studied dentistry and worked for five years as a dentist, decided in 1984, but for the writing, because he was able to work creatively and flexibly. Many of his works are marked by the presentation of personal experiences, especially descriptions of the Cultural Revolution ( 1966-1976 ). He began the mid-eighties to write novels, and is, together with Su Tong (苏童) and Ye Zhanyan (叶兆言) to the literary avant-garde. With the publication of his novel life he became acquainted with one stroke and became one of the most influential writers in China. In August 2009, brothers appeared in the S. Fischer Verlag. Yu Hua's novels and life The man who sold his blood (see also Yan Lianke ) have been since 1998 and 2000 in Germany on the market.



  • Life! (活着, Huozhe ) 1994 by Zhang Yimou filmed ISBN 3-608-93417-0.
  • The man who sold his blood. (许三观 卖血 记, Xǔ sanguan May Xue Ji ) ISBN 3-608-93494-4.
  • Cries in the Drizzle. (在 细雨 中 呼喊, Zaixiyuzhong Huhan ) ISBN 0-307-27999-5 ( English Edition)
  • Brothers. (兄弟, Xiong dì ) ISBN 3-596-17868-1.


  • 鲜血 梅花(Xian xue mei hua )
  • 现实 一种(Xian shi yi zhong )
  • 我 胆小 如 鼠( Where ru shu xiao dan )
  • 战栗( Zhan li )

Studies (随笔 集, Suibi ji):

  • 温暖 和 百感交集 的 旅程(Who nuan he gan bai jiao ji de lü cheng )
  • 音乐 影响 了 我 的 写作(yin yue ying xiang le where de xie zuo )
  • 没有 一条 道路 是 重复 的( Mei yi tiao dao lu you shi chong fu de )
  • 灵魂 饭(Ling hun fan )
  • China in ten words. ( Shi ge Cihui li de Zhongguo ), translated by Ulrich Kautz. S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2012, ISBN 978-3-10-095807-5.