Yuexiu District

Yuexiu (Ch越秀 区/越秀 区) is a municipality in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. In Yuexiu is the government of the prefecture-level city of Guangzhou and Guangdong Province. The municipality is 32.82 km ² and has 1.1406 million inhabitants ( 2005).

Administrative Divisions

Yuexiu is divided into 22 neighborhood street. On 28 April 2005 Yuexiu was increased by decision of the Council of State to the same day resolved City Dongshan District and two road districts of the city districts Baiyun and Tianhe Stadium. Previously, Yuexiu had only 8.9 km ² and 430,000 inhabitants ( 2001).


At the census in 2000, the old city districts had Dongshan ( 556 264 ) and Yuexiu ( 341 422 ) 897 686 inhabitants together.


In Yuexiu are the pedestrian zone Beijinglu (北京 路 步行 街 及 千年 古道) and the Guangdong Museum (广东 省 博物馆). Here is also the 218 -meter high TV Tower Guangzhou, the observation deck is open to the public. Nearby places include Yuexiu mountain of the same also Yuexiu (越秀 山) and the Memorial Hall in honor of Sun Yat-sen (中山 纪念堂), which, together with the former seat of the All China Federation of Trade Unions (中华全国总工会 旧址), the Huaisheng Mosque (怀 圣 寺 光塔), the pagoda of the Temple of the Six banyan Trees (六榕 寺塔), the Sacred Heart Cathedral (广州 石室 圣 心 大教堂) and the establishment of the Consultative Assembly of Guangdong Province on the list the monuments of the people's Republic of China is.



Heart of Jesus Cathedral


By Yuexiu run two of the main streets of Guangzhou. These are the Dongfenglu (东风 路) and the Zhongshanlu (中 山路).

By Yuexiu also extend the two metro lines of Guangzhou. They intersect in the city center Gongyuanqian (公园 前), which is also located in the city district.

One of the biggest malls, China Plaza (中华 广场), and one of the largest and most luxurious hotels, the Garden Hotel (花园 酒店), located in Yuexiu.