Yukon–Charley Rivers National Preserve

The Yukon - Charley Rivers National Preserve is a nature reserve under the management of the National Park Service in the east-central Alaska on the border of the Yukon Territory. It contains 185 km of the Yukon River and the catchment area of ​​the Charley River.

The Charley River flows through - in contrast to the Yukon, which flows through the lowlands - higher altitude regions with tundra and boreal forests. Accessible is the Preserve, there are no roads within its borders through Circle downstream end of the Steese highways or Eagle at the border to Canada at the end of the Taylor Highway. In Eagle is also the park administration.

Many relics from the time of the Gold Rush Klondike end of the 19th century, to which came many gold seekers over the Yukon, are also located in the region of the protected area as paleontological and archaeological sites.

The reserve was established on 1 December 1978 as a National Monument. On 2 December 1980, the status of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act was changed to that of a National Preserves.