Yuri Lisyansky

Yuri Fyodorovich Lissjanski (Russian Юрий Фёдорович Лисянский, scientific transliteration Yuri Fedorovic Lisjanskij; * 2 Augustjul / August 13 1773greg in Nizhyn, .. .. † 22 Februarjul / March 6 1837greg in Saint Petersburg ) was a Russian naval officer and discoverer of Ukrainian descent.


Lissjanski was born in Nizhyn (Ukraine ), the son of an Orthodox priest and comes from an old family of the Zaporozhian Cossacks. Lissjanski served after completion of the Naval Academy in 1786 in the Russian fleet and took 1788 to 1790 at the Russian - Swedish war part. During his internship in the British fleet from 1793 to 1799 he took part in the fighting in North America, South Africa and India. After his return home in 1803 he translated the book in English sailing ship tactics of John Clerk Maxwell ( " An essay on naval tactics ... " ) into Russian. As commander of the Neva, he participated in the first Russian circumnavigation under Krusenstern 1803-1806. On this trip Lissjanski documented many nautical, oceanographic and ethnographic observations. After the world tour he served in the Baltic Fleet and retired in 1809 with the rank of Captain I. Ranges of the service from.

After Lissjanski discovered by him Hawaiian Island Lisianski was named.