Jurjung - Haya (Russian Юрюнг - Хая; Yakut Үрүҥ Хайа / Ürüng Haya, German " white mountain" ) is a village ( selo ) in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) in Siberia (Russia) with 1148 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).

It lies on the right bank of the Anabar far from its mouth in the Laptev Sea, nearly 1,400 km as the crow northwest of the Republikhauptstaft Yakutsk. Jurjung - Haya is the terminus of the planned highway Anabar, which will connect the Arctic coast to the south of Siberia. So far there are only dirt tracks in the neighborhood.

Jurjung - Haya is part of the Anabarski ulus and is located approximately 100 km north of its administrative center Saskylach. The majority of the Dolgan of the Republic of Sakha lives in Jurjung - Haya, which represent the majority of the population there.