The department of Yvelines [ ivlin ] is a French department of order number 78 It is in the western part of the region of Île -de -France in the Paris region and is named after the former name of the forest of Rambouillet.


The department of Yvelines is bordered to the northwest by the department of Eure, on the north by the department of Val- d'Oise, on the east by the department of Hauts -de -Seine, in the southeast of the département of Essonne and to the west by the department of Eure- et- Loir.

The north of the department is traversed to the west of the Seine. To the south is the Rambouillet forest ( Forêt de Rambouillet ), whose eastern part extends into the Regional Natural Park de la Haute- Chevreuse Valley.

Coat of arms

Description: Blue seeded golden lilies and two silver oblique wave beams.


The department was created in 1968 in the division of the department of Seine- et- Oise in three smaller departments. The order number 78 differs from the alphabetical order, as Yvelines was given the number of dissolved departments of Seine -et- Oise.


The most densely populated municipalities of the department of Yvelines:


The department is represented in the following parliaments:

  • By 12 members of the French Parliament in the National Assembly and six senators in the Senate,
  • By a deputy in the European Parliament,
  • By 28 regional councils in the Regional Council ( Conseil régional ) of the Ile- de -France.

The conseil général ( General ) of the Yvelines has 39 counselors and généraux.

Administrative divisions

The department of Yvelines is divided into 4 arrondissements, 39 cantons and 262 communes:

  • List of cantons in the department of Yvelines
  • List of municipalities in the department of Yvelines


The climate of the Yvelines is a mixture of oceanic influences from the West, and continental influences from the east, still weakened by the warming of Greater Paris. It is also not very humid, with only an average annual precipitation of 600 mm. The strong westerly winds protect the Yvelines relatively good air pollution from Paris. Thundery layers are often encountered in the summer. From local deviations ( microclimate ) especially the areas along the Seine in the north and the south are affected.


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