Yverdon-les-Bains Castle


The Yverdon Castle (French Château d' Yverdon ) is a castle in Switzerland, which is in the field of the Vaud commune Yverdon -les -Bains.


The castle was built from 1260 to 1270 on the orders of Peter II by Jacques de Saint- Georges, with the aim to protect the city. The castle was initially inhabited by the Savoyard lords after the conquest by the Bernese in 1536 by the official men who were employed by Bern.

After the Vaud Canton in 1803, an independent, was the town of Yverdon bought the castle, so that Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, who was already a renowned educator, there could set up his school. As a result, the castle from 1838 to 1974 served as a school.

The castle also hosts since 1830 the Musée d' Yverdon et Région. Nowadays, it is also temporary exhibitions of Swiss Fashion Museum. The castle is entered in the inventory of cultural property of national significance.