Yves Rocher (company)

The Groupe Yves Rocher (association: Laboratoires de Biologie Végétale Yves Rocher SA) is an international group of companies, which is engaged in cosmetics and personal care products and markets.

The Group employed around 14,800 employees in 2007, including about 4,000 in Brittany, as well as indirectly through 230,000 independent franchisees (so-called beauty consultants ) in sales. Distribution is thus essentially about three sales channels: by mail order, through a network of about 1,500 so-called beauty institutes ( a chain store ) and online trading.

The Group reported 2007 global revenues of more than two billion U.S. dollars. The group includes the brands Yves Rocher, Daniel Jouvance, Dr. Pierre Ricaud, Isabel Derroisné, Petit Bateau, Kiotis and Galérie Noémie.

Other business segments include production of detergents and cleaning products, toiletries and personal care products under the brand standard home, including their distribution in the home sale, further a textiles trading under the brands Petit Bateau (1988 accepted) and Françoise Saget. There is also an Yves Rocher Foundation and La Gacilly a Vegetarium (a mixture of botanical garden and museum experience ).


1960: Yves Rocher founded end of the fifties, his first product based on Feigwurz developed in the attic of his parents' house in the Breton village of La Gacilly, he in 1960 founded the eponymous brand.

1965: Yves Rocher gives his first " Green Book of Beauty" out. Today, of which 10 million copies in 20 languages ​​, among others each year published in Braille.

1969: Opening of the first beauty specialty store of Yves Rocher in Paris. Today there are 1600 beauty shops of the brand worldwide.

1971-1979: The European-wide development begins. After Switzerland (1971 ) Yves Rocher sells the first cosmetic manufacturers its products in Germany (1974 ) by mail order. The following offices for example in 1979 in Austria.

1989: replacement of animal experiments: The first European cosmetics company Yves Rocher waived forward to testing finished products on animals.

1991: Foundation of the environmental foundation " Fondation Yves Rocher ". Your goal: to protect and preserve nature. Its president is Jacques Rocher.

1992: Yves Rocher is awarded the gold medal of the French animal protection association SPA.

1997: Certification of biologically -controlled plant crops on the 44 acres of land in La Gacilly by the inspection body Ecocert.

2001: The first awarding of the prize " Trophée des Femmes" by the Environmental Foundation Fondation Yves Rocher.

2008-2009: New Brand Identity: Yves Rocher presents a fresh new look for its beauty shops: they become beauty studios.

2010: Yves Rocher brand celebrates its 50th birthday and is committed to planting 50 million trees worldwide within five years. So they strengthened its involvement in the campaign "Plant for the Planet" by the United Nations Environment Programme

Yves Rocher Stores

About 650 products based on plant extracts includes the Yves Rocher - care range. Worldwide, there are approximately 1600 Yves Rocher beauty shops (mono- label stores ), the so-called beauty studios. In Germany there are over 100 stores Beauty Yves Rocher.