Øyvind Berg

Øyvind Berg ( born March 10, 1971 in Løken i Høland ) is a former Norwegian ski jumper.

Berg began his international career together with TH by winning the silver medal in the team event at the Junior World Championship in 1988 in Saalfelden Bakken, Kare Herrem and Kent Johanssen. A year later he won in Vang together with Erlend Schumann, Henning Wold and Kent Johanssen the bronze medal. On 7 March 1990 Berg made ​​his debut in the Ski Jumping World Cup, and reached it in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden the 59th place. In the following months he was able to increase its performance continuously, so that he could win with 13th place World Cup points on January 12, 1991 in Oberhof first time. On March 3, he managed the jump in Lahti for the first time in the top ten before he jumped in Trondheim for the first time with a 3rd place podium finish on March 13. Berg finished the World Cup season 1990/91 at the 23rd place in the overall standings. In the Norwegian Championship 1992 in Trondheim, he won behind Lasse Ottesen and Magne Johansen bronze medal on the large hill. Shortly thereafter, he was part of the Norwegian squad for the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville. There he jumped on the large hill on the 34th and landed on the normal hill on points with Sweden Staffan Tällberg on the 35th place. After the games, mountain could rarely win World Cup points. In the Nordic World Ski Championships 1993 in Falun, he reached on the normal hill on 22th place. With the team he won a surprise gold in the team competition on the large hill. After the World Cup, he succeeded again increased, to win World Cup points and to achieve rankings in the top ten. In the Norwegian Championships in 1993 in Lillehammer, he won the silver medal behind Espen Bredesen on the normal hill. He repeated in 1994 in Vegårshei of the large hill this success. Despite stagnant performance in the World Cup, due to which he temporarily took parallel Ski Jumping Continental Cup, he was again included in the squad for the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. He jumped on the normal hill on the 52nd and on the large hill to 17th place. In the team competition, he missed together with Roar Ljøkelsøy, Lasse Ottesen and Espen Bredesen with the 4th place only just a medal. After the Olympics mountain could together with the team in the team competition in Lahti and Thunder Bay reach the 3rd place and was so again, but also for the last time, on the podium. In 1995, Holmenkollen in Oslo again silver at the Norwegian championships on the normal hill. In 1996 he ended his ski jumping career after being with the team again won the bronze medal in the team competition at the Norwegian Championship in Meldal.