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Yxlan is an island in Stockholm's archipelago. It lies between Furusund and Blidö in the community Norrtälje in Stockholm County.

Yxlan is mentioned by the name Øslæ in King Waldemar sailing route from the 13th century. At the time, Yxlan of several islands and the relevant name probably refers only to the village Yxlan and not on the island today.

Yxlan is dominated largely by forest and is drawn in shape very long. The island is about 15 kilometers long and one kilometer wide. On the northern part of the island, near Köpmanholm there is a school.

Places to Yxlan

  • Yxlö
  • Vagnsunda
  • Köpmanholm
  • Kolsvik
  • Hamnviken


Midsummer on Yxlan

Yxlans jetty