Yyrkoon (band)

Yyrkoon is a Death Metal band from France, by the four musicians Stéphane Souteyrand (guitar, keyboards), Laurent Harrouart (drums ), Paul Banas (vocals, guitar) and Sébastien Caron ( bass) was established in 1995. The main themes in their lyrics relate to the occult and horror and personal philosophies of the band members.


1996, a year after the founding Yyrkoon took her first demo in self- production. " Oath, Obscure, Occult ... " it said, and included five songs. they used a variety of instruments in their sound such as violins and flutes, and female voices were used. With this demo they went into the Underground and played together with other French underground bands smaller concerts. Yyrkoon sent their demo to various French labels. Velvet Music International (Already under contract: Blut Aus Nord, Wallachia, Mundanus Empire, ... ) showed interest and wanted to take a few shots with Yyrkoon. Yykoons first proper album was. After the release of this album, there was a dispute in the band, Paul Banas and Sébastien Caron left the band. For them, Jérôme Barouin (guitar) and Kristofer Laurent ( bass) came as new members in the band. Stéphane Souteyrand took over the singing and looked around for a keyboard player for live concerts. Jeff Gautier, an old childhood friend, finally agreed to and was the keyboardist of the band.

In this new lineup, the band recorded their 1998 album " Oniric Transition" in Walnut Grove studio in Amiens (France). The type of music was the same as on their first demo, but with better technology. Stéphane began with a clear voice and chorus, the personalized music. Magazine described the album as usually Dark Metal. With this album Yyrkoon made ​​contact with various concert promoters and traditional title for compilation CDs such as Encyclopedia Pestilencia (France) or Asgaarden (Norway).


  • Oniric Transition ( 1998)
  • Forgotten Past ( 2000)
  • Dying Sun (2002)
  • Occult Medicine (2004)
  • Unhealthy Opera ( 2006)