The Z- network is a network mailbox, which is based on the developed program since 1984 Cerberus. It was maintained from 1992 until its dissolution in 1999 by the Cerberus Society for Kommunikation mbH.


Initially, this network was named after the three-headed hell -hound Cerberus of Greek mythology Cerberus network or just Cerberus. Later the term Z- web was only used in order to document that the use is not restricted to a particular application.

The Z- Power was the first German -language network mailbox, which was democratically organized, presented non-computer topics such as the environment, politics and literature in the foreground and counter-public created. Based on the Z- network structures created new networks such as the T network, the union -oriented SOLINET and the politically and ecologically oriented CL network.

Since 1992, the Z- network uses a specially developed protocol ZConnect for the exchange of e- mail and news. Chance of use it still mailboxes that are operated mainly as a gateway to the Internet. ZConnect was in principle more than one protocol, as appropriate software developers have decided in a democratic process of the normalization. This procedure resulted in a wide acceptance among the developers who provided the software for this niche market. Representing all be mentioned here are the developers of Crosspoint and NCBMail.

Nowadays, z network. * Is a small German -speaking Usenet hierarchy essentially. Active groups exist, especially in areas where there. * Is no special group in de, eg z netz.alt.liebesleben.geschichten, z netz.alt.rechnerkrieg, z or z netz.freizeit.rollenspiele.dsa netz.alt.esoterik.reiki.