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The Zagreb International Airport ( kroat. Međunarodna Zračna luka Zagreb, including Zagreb Airport Pleso ) is an international airport in Zagreb Croatian.

The Zagreb International Airport is owned by the Zračna luka Zagreb doo, which is also the operator of the airport at the same time. The ownership of Zračna luka Zagreb doo, are as follows:

55 % Republic of Croatia 35 % City of Zagreb 5% team shaft Zagreb 5% city of Velika Gorica This is the airport to one hundred percent publicly owned.


2006 to be subjected to a fundamental modernization of the Pleso airport in Zagreb. Are planned investment of 212 million euros. The existing ski runs remain, but it is a completely new terminal was built with new gates. On August 2, the financing and implementation of the new terminal was decided by the home owners.

On April 11th, 2012 was the newly founded ZIAC (Zagreb International Airport Company ), a consortium of the company operating the airport Paris ( Aéroports de Paris) and the French construction company Bouygues Batiment International permission to build a second terminal, and the license of the use and operation of the new terminal for 30 years. At the same time a renaming of the airport took place.

Airlines and destinations

Zagreb Airport has connections to some European destinations like Moscow, Paris and Istanbul. The longest links lead seasonal to Tel Aviv and since the spring of 2012 to Doha. Largest airline site is here Headquartered Croatia Airlines.

For German-speaking countries, there are 2013 following compounds:

  • Austrian Airlines from Vienna
  • Croatia Airlines from Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich
  • German wings from Cologne / Bonn and Stuttgart
  • Lufthansa from Berlin- Tegel, Frankfurt am Main and Munich
  • Sky Work Airlines from Bern -Belp


  • Car: The airport is located in the suburb of Pleso 17 km southeast of the center of Zagreb, just outside the city of Velika Gorica.
  • Bus: There is a shuttle service from Pleso Prijevoz, a subsidiary of Croatia Airlines, from the bus station ( kroat. autobusni kolodvor ) on the Drziceva avenija, which is easily accessible by the city's tram lines and close to the main train station ( Glavni kolodvor ) lies. The journey takes 30 minutes and costs 30 kuna (April 2011). The same bus company further provides a daily round - trip shuttle service to and from the city center of the city of Rijeka. The ticket costs 180 kuna and the trip takes about 2 hours (as of June 2013).