Zagreb Zoo

The Zoo Zagreb ( kroat. Zoološki vrt grada Zagreba ) was founded on 27 June 1924 by Mijo Filipović in Zagreb Maksimir Park. It is the oldest zoo in Croatia. The system includes seven acres. The animal population includes about 2,225 animals from 275 species. The zoo participates in a number of European breeding programs. A total of 70 people are employed at the zoo.

Zoo Director since 1994 Dr. Mladen Anić.


In recent years, the Zagreb zoo was modernized through intensive renovations and expanded to include numerous attractions.

Particularly worth seeing

  • African village
  • Australia Info Centre
  • Lemur enclosure
  • Path of conscience (Homo - Sapiens " enclosure " )
  • Meerkat
  • Twilight Zone
  • Monsoon forest pavilion
  • Lynx enclosure
  • Snow tiger enclosure


Among the recent achievements of the zoo is a new, walkable insect house, the jungle Hall ( Zona Sumraka ). In addition, one finds in Zagreb Zoo has long been a large griffon vulture enclosure.


Zagreb Zoo

African village, Fuchsmanguste

Homo - Sapiens " enclosure "

Floating Real Dog Seal

Dormant nutria in their enclosure